About Us

Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council (UCC) is a non-profit, tax-deductible grassroots organization. We are not a government agency and are not subsidized by any government agency. All of the work that we do is done by volunteers. All of our operating funds come from individual donations.

We are a 30 year old organization dedicated to protecting and restoring streams and watersheds in Santa Barbara County.

UCC has 3,000 members including many families who live in the Goleta and Santa Barbara area.

We work with diverse public and private partners on creek restoration projects, including removing barriers to steelhead migration.

We educate people, from school kids to adults, about the values of creeks.

We lead outings and tours. We bring kids into nature to educate the next generation.

We hold regular creek cleanups with groups like the EDC. Together, we’ve removed thousands of pounds of trash from Goleta’s creeks each of the last 5 years.


Board of Directors

Dan McCarter:  President
Louis Andaloro:  Vice-President
Bill Palmisano:  Treasurer
Anne Burdette:  Secretary
Shirin Tolle:  Board Member
Eddie Harris:  Board Member
Melissa Kreger:  Board Member
Devin Hibler: Board Member